Why start a blog half way through my PhD?

One answer: COVID-19

Locked up, they won’t let me out

I’ve always wanted to write a blog – but I’ve never thought people would actually want to hear anything I say. I’ve also not had much time. One thing I ultimately suck at, is time management. I am far too easily distracted with notions of the pub and other fun activities. Procrastination level: expert (if my supervisors are reading this – that’s totes a joke, honest).

Lately though I’ve had a change of heart with the whole blog stuff. Perhaps you guys want a distraction just as much as me – and why the hell not share some experiences with each other. Everyone’s whole life experience is based on making mistakes – and believe me, I have made a lot. So I’m going to use this blog platform to share some trials and tribulations of doing a PhD in general, as well as other life events and anecdotes that might just make you smile, laugh, or cry. Hopefully not the latter though – or if I must, at least let it be through laughter. I do that a lot and it’s entirely embarrassing. I can watch the saddest film, and nope, not a tear shed. Rock hard heart me. Tell me a half decent joke though and I’ll have mascara down my cheeks quicker than your uncle starts dad dancing at your wedding reception. I realise waterproof mascara would help – but that sh*t hurts when trying to take it off at night.

Anyway, I digress. This whole lockdown has given me a bit of time to get a domain set up and a chance to get my head around the layout of the site. Not as confusing as I’d imagined – but not quite an expert.

On the note of lockdown, anyone else feeling a bit crap being stuck inside? Aye, me too. Bored is an understatement. And I watch all these zombies and conspiracy theory believers going about their business as usual, stomping down to Strathclyde park for a weekend gander – and I want nothing more than to choke some sense into them. Can’t tell you how many morons I’ve deleted on Facebook since this started. It’s rather refreshing not listening to their bull**** on a daily basis. And then there’s wee Davie on BBC news slapping his tongue all over tins of food in ASDA so that unsuspecting customers pick up all his germs – and wonders why he’s being arrested for winching (kissing) a tin of heinz beans. In all honesty, I’d be worried about more than Covid-19 from you Dave. I believe in Scotland, he would be referred to as a fanny.

It really is a strange time to be alive. If someone had said 10 years ago that in 10 years time: Donald Trump would be in charge of the most powerful country in the world, Boris Johnston would be Prime Minister of the UK, a lethal coronavirus close to that of Spanish Flu would be unleashed from a guy eating a bat in China – killing millions of people across the world, leading to an almost global lockdown where people think the best form of defence is to stock-pile toilet roll to the point people are recommending coffee filters as a replacement. You’d be guiding them into the straight jacket in a heartbeat!

And why toilet roll? I get the rice and pasta thing – but toilet roll? I mean, diarrhoea is not a symptom of this virus. Ok Linda, when your pal says they’re shitting themselves, they are not meaning literally. Humanity is woeful at times.

Let’s not forget the positive occurrences during these harsh times, and a huge thanks to the essential workers. The doctors, nurses, carers, scientists and researchers, the cleaning staff, posties, bin men, shop assistants, prison and police officers, and many, many more. You are the reason this country is still functioning. Some have already given their lives to help those more in need, with elderly patients giving up their medical equipment in order to save the life of those yet to have a long and meaningful life such as they have. The unsung heroes of this outbreak need a voice amidst all the negativity. I for one will be at my door applauding every Thursday at 8pm for our wonderful NHS staff – and no Donald, you cannot buy it – p*ss off. Here’s hoping Bojo appreciates our health system a tad more after this.

So that’s my aim here folks – to vent, to rant, and to (hopefully) cheer you up. Stay tuned for my first subject-aimed blog, I realise this one’s been a bit of a car crash.

To all those following the guidelines – thank you. To those who are not, remember the whole point of this social distancing (the non-essential folks), is so that the essential folks who are sometimes forced to work in close proximity of others – can continue to work and do so knowing that they are less at risk because us lot had the common sense to stay in the house.


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